This doggo responds to Harry Potter spells, and the video will brighten your life

This long-haired mini dachshund is literally magical. Well, kind of. YouTuber Anna Brisbin took the internet by storm when she posted a video of her dog, appropriately named Remus, performing dog tricks in response to Harry Potter spells on her channel, Brizzy Voices. In the video, Remus responds to commands like “stupefy,”  “ascendio,” and yes…even “avada kedavra.”

Watch adorable Remus respond to Harry Potter spells below.

Of course, the magical clip didn’t go unnoticed by Pottermore. The Harry Potter digital platform took to Twitter on January 8th with a punny response, writing: “10 points to Gryffin-paw!”

Pottermore’s response also inspired other punny thoughts.

Remus, named after werewolf and Order of the Phoenix member Remus Lupin, is a dachshund who resides in Los Angeles with his muggle. According to the pup’s Instagram, he loves belly rubs and hates full moons.

Remus the dachshund is definitely our new Patronus.

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