This adorable dog refused to leave the pet store and we can totally relate to his struggle

We don’t claim to be animal mind readers, but we’re pretty sure the thought running through the head of this dog that refused to leave a pet store was, “Hey, don’t judge me because kids pull this shit ALL THE TIME.” Spotted at The Daily Dot, this clip of a stubborn golden retriever literally laying down the law is utterly relatable because who hasn’t spent half a day in the pet store pining over all the animal friends they want to take home but can’t? There are so many benefits to being a pet owner and clearly, this dog knows it.

In the video, the owner can be heard gently telling her pet, “It’s time to go,” but her sweet beckoning words fall on a pair of deaf, floppy ears as the pooch only moves when she tugs at the leash. She then proceeds to drag the dog (gently, of course) across the floor. Just when it appears that she might be making progress, the dog stares at her like, “Oh, HA! You thought that was gonna work?!” then pulls the ultimate “I ain’t goin’ NOWHERE” move by lying down on its back and delivering the most IDGAF side-eye ever:

OMG, doggie. You are too damn funny. But not to worry because we’re not judging. Quite frankly, we’ve all been there, but our meltdowns weren’t anywhere near as cute.