This stray dog ran a 150-mile race and ended up with a new dad

Dogs can do some spectacular things. If they’re not posing like supermodels or just generally being so cute you can hardly handle it, they can actually do some pretty impressive feats.

Like this incredible stray dog who decided to hop in an endurance race and run right alongside one of the athletes.

This little furball decided to run alongside an ultra-marathon runner in the middle of the Gobi desert in China.

The Australian runner, Dion Leonard, was focused only on getting through the final four days of a grueling 150 miles of this intense race when he suddenly saw he had a friend. Figuring the little guy wouldn’t last very long in the conditions, he didn’t think much of it. After a while, he realized that his new four-legged friend was in it for the long haul, running right alongside him the entire day.

After that, they were pretty much inseparable.

Leonard ended up naming the dog “Gobi” in honor of where the two met. And Gobi stayed right by his side through the finish line, even earning his own medal.

It became pretty obvious to Leonard that Gobi would need to come home with him to Scotland (where the runner lives), but there are a lot of complications (not to mention expensive processing and quarantine fees) involved. So, Leonard decided to share Gobi’s beautiful story and start crowdfunding for help.

Their magical love story is inspiring people everywhere, with the crowd funding campaign already at over 220% of its original target donation. The hashtag #BringGobiHome is picking up some serious steam amongst dog-lovers everywhere who are happy to help reunite this super impressive little dog with her chosen best friend.