A dog taught a puppy how to go down a playground slide, and our hearts can’t take it

If you’re looking for a perfect recipe for “absolutely adorable,” it’s been found. Just take one part dog, add in one part puppy, add quick dash of playground fun, and you’ve got the best video you’re going to see. You deserve this today.http://thebestoftumbling.com/post/125464486742/golden-retriever-shows-puppy-how-to-use-slide

One human took her adult dog, Lil, to the park to play, and bought along her much younger puppy, Layla, too. While Lil is super ready and game to go down the slide, Layla is not. She’s hesitant about it, as you would be too, if you were a puppy and this were your first slide.

That’s when Lil steps in to help out. After the human goes down the slide, Lil takes it upon herself to assist Layla by gently pulling on her leash and it IS TOO CUTE FOR WORDS you just have to SEE IT YOURSELF.


This is some awesome dog and puppy teamwork. Here’s to way more playground adventures for these two.