This new app is our dream and let’s us borrow dogs! Weeeee!

Fun-loving human seeks an afternoon in the park with four-legged bundle of joy. Likes: bacon, ball throwing, clothes coated in pet hair. Oh, and bacon. Dislikes: my landlord’s no-pets policy. 

People love dogs. Dogs love people. In a perfect world, people and dogs would cohabitate and share bacon and everything would be perfect forever and ever. Spoiler alert: the world is not perfect. (I know. Ugh.) But now there’s an app that lets you borrow a dog and bask in the glory of puppy kisses and wagging tails while still managing not to get kicked out of your no-pets domicile. Bark’N’Borrow lets you create an online profile specifying the type of dog you’re looking for (big, small, outgoing, calm. . . you name it) and matches you with canines in your area who are up for a play-date. We think it’s pretty genius. It’s for sure the best technology news we’ve heard for animal lovers since UberKittens

We totally get why someone would want to borrow a dog (there are literally a million good reasons . . . at least), but why would a pet owner want to loan out their best friend? There are actually tons of good reasons for this, too. Maybe their dog needs more one-on-one person time than they can fit into their schedule. Maybe they’re spending the night out and want to let Fido go on a fun sleepover instead of spending the night in a kennel. Maybe they just want to connect with other dog-loving humans.  

There’s a screening process on the human side, of course. No one wants to hand over their dog to just anybody. (What if this person doesn’t know how to properly and safely care for a pup? Or God forbid, what if they’re a cat person in disguise?) The physical addresses of all users are verified, and profiles are linked to their social media accounts. In turn, when dogs are loaned out, their veterinary information is provided. So no worries, the dogs are in safe hands. The people are in safe paws. (Is that a thing? It is now.) Bark’N’Borrow also connects pet owners with one another for multi-doggy playdates (adorable) and can help users find dog sitters.

We’re all over Bark’N’Borrow, you guys. It’s Tinder, only with dogs. (So basically, a thousand times better than Tinder.) Swiping right forever.

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