This dog photobombing the Pope is all you need to look at today

If you needed any sort of extra proof that dogs are the best thing to happen to planet Earth, look no further. Sure, the four-legged furry creatures are sweet, cuddly, loyal, and obviously human’s best friend. But, it also just so happens that they are expert pranksters as well. At least, if this picture of a dog photobombing Pope Francis is any indication. As per Metro UK, via TIME, the Pope, “was meeting with a dog training group in the square,” when one of those hard working pups decided that they wanted just a little bit of extra notoriety.

The especially photogenic dog is cheesing it hard over the Pope’s shoulder, held up by high by its human, and looks positively thrilled to be included in the shot. After all, who doesn’t want their due 15 minutes of fame? To be fair though, it’s not the pup’s fault that the camera and obviously, the adoring public, love its mega-wat smile. And, I’m sure the Pope wouldn’t mind sharing some of his shine with the little guy, because of  the incredibly uplifting vibe the picture gives off in all of it’s silliness. And, the person who tweeted it said as much. false

This is surely a picture that will live in infamy and be saved on phone and laptop backgrounds for the foreseeable future. Us humans can’t help but love a dog who seizes a perfect photo-op, can we?