This dog’s Paddington Bear costume officially wins best dog costume until the end of time

Everyone knows that we do not deserve dogs. They’re adorable, they’re loyal, and more importantly, they’re just the best. The latest dog to confirm this basic truth is a tiny Pomeranian who donned the most perfect Paddington Bear costume we’ve ever seen.

Bertram the Pomeranian (Bertie for short) may be three months early, but he’s already officially won Halloween IOHO. Over the weekend, the little pup tried on his costume, which included the famous character’s red hat and blue raincoat. And luckily for us, his owners shared not one, but two photos of the moment to Bertie’s Instagram account.

Just look at this perfection.

"So my Halloween costume arrived a few months early," the caption reads. "Makes a pretty fun fetch toy for now."

And there’s more. In addition to the Paddington costume, the IG account is filled with even cuter photos of Bertie in a bunch of different outfits. TBH, we can’t even choose which one we like the most.

Here’s Bertie in a yellow polo shirt:

Here he is sporting a bow tie:

There’s even this one of him rocking a turtleneck:

We think it’s safe to say we found our new favorite Insta account. You’re welcome.

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