This dog is all of us trying to pack a suitcase

Meet Arvo, a super cute little dachshund who is gearing up for a trip. We’re not sure where he’s going. Maybe the Bahamas, or more possibly, the veterinarian’s office. It really doesn’t matter, though. Either way, he’s taking his teddy bear with him.

Never mind that said teddy is basically just as big as Arvo. (Maybe even bigger. We’re not exactly sure. It’s kind of hard to see Arvo behind his giant bear.) He’s got this sitch under control. And we’re cheering for him, because what’s cuter than a wiener dog with a teddy bear in his carry-on? (Nothing, that’s what.) Just a reminder, Arvo — in the event of a mid-flight emergency, secure your oxygen mask first, and then assist the bear.

Watch Arvo cram his bear into his pet carrier in the video below. I can’t lie. This gave me a serious flashback to the packing experience of my last vacay. OK, full disclosure: this is basically me packing for every trip I’ve ever taken.   

[Image and video via YouTube.]

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