This polite pit bull makes his bed every day, because manners

This dog is so much better at making his bed than we are.

As the New York Daily News reports, Pit Bull puppy Rush was living in an Ohio pet shelter, but was making the best out of his circumstances, and keeping his kennel tidy by “making his bed” every day, re: pulling his blanket over his dog bed. This dog doesn’t even have the advantage of opposable thumbs and he’s better at keeping his room straight than, like, the vast majority of human beings.

As Nora Vondrell, the executive director of the adoption center, explained that Rush had started making his bed after he got back from daily runs.

“Day after day, the staff would watch Rush make his bed and one day, one of our marketing interns got it on video,” she said. “We put it on social media to encourage people to come in and adopt the animal.”

So once the vid of Rush being a good boy  the best boy ever hit social,  it went viral (because of COURSE it did), racking up over half a million views. As Rush was becoming an Internet star, a human couple totally fell in love with him (husband saw the pup on the news, wife independently found Rush on a rescue site, obviously this adoption was meant to be) and raced to the shelter to see if the pup was still available. On their way, they passed a most auspicious sign. The sign read “Rush to be there,” but the middle words were so tiny it just looked like it just said “Rush there.”

“It was a sign on a sign!” Rush’s mom, and then added the very sweet “He’s our Rush!”

As Vondrell told ABC News, she hopes Rush’s story will encourage more people to adopt rescues.

“[Rush’s people] said Rush is just a wonderful dog and they’re very much in love with him,” she said. “The message we are saying now [is] there are hundreds of thousands of homeless animals in your community. We are trying to get past all kinds of labels. People believe shelter and rescue animals are misbehaved, unwanted or have diseases. The reality is they are wonderful and healthy. What we are asking is for you to visit your local animal shelter. See if there’s an animal that you can love and find a forever home. There are lots of Rushes out there.”

We are so glad this sweet and polite boy finally has a forever home, and hope this story encourages would-be dog people to check out rescues. And now, without further ado, see Rush in the vid that won hearts all over the Internet:


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