This dog just made history for one bonkers reason

Though it appears that all attention has turned toward the 2016 presidential election (which is still, you know, roughly 15 months away), let’s not forget that there are other races happening in cities and states across the country, too. And guys, you’re going to want to pay attention to this one. It sounds like something that might come out of one of our favorite fictional towns — like, Pawnee —  but in Schenectady, New York, a dog is running for mayor. We’re very serious.

Meet Diamond, a 13-year-old dog running on a write-in campaign with a great slogan: “Schenectady’s best friend.” While I don’t really understand how this is going to work logistically, I honestly don’t want to understand because this is just TOO GOOD.

Diamond’s campaign manager, Kathy Fitzmaurice, explains to Schenectady’s Daily Gazette that Diamond, “feels the current administration is putting politics first as opposed to what is best for Schenectady… She feels she could do a better job at breaking down the barriers in the community to tap into all of the resources everybody has to offer.” Her platform also includes putting fire hydrants on every block. At first you’re like, this is an absurd platform for a dog. And then you’re like WAIT, this dog has some valid points.

However, Diamond’s campaign is all in good fun. There have actually been a few other animals that have run for office in Schenectady (but have all sadly lost, which is a bummer). If nothing else, Diamond’s campaign will serve to bring attention to Schenectady’s animal shelters, which according to human candidate Roger Hull, are in need of improvement. Diamond, a rescue dog herself, isn’t taking donation money, but donations can be made in her name to Schenectady’s Animal Protective Foundation.

Though Diamond’s campaign really is just to lighten the mood, other human candidate Gary McCarthy explains that he, “[looks] forward to how The Daily Gazette will structure the podium for all four of us to participate in the debate.” Yes, we’re very much looking forward to that debate, too. Even if she loses, I hope this wins her a play date with the most important dogs in the country, First Dogs Bo and Sunny.

(Images via Twitter)

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