This dog is just insanely good looking

We recently got #hairgoals from a particularly gorgeous horse named Frederik the Great, and now we have eye envy thanks to a dog named Mya. Literally what is happening to the world?

First of all, just look at Mya. Her beauty is truly ethereal. Those eyes! That coat!

Mya is a Pomsky and her internet fame first came about when a pic of her popped up on Reddit with the description: “The result of breeding a husky and a pomeranian.” Who knew such different breeds would yield such adorable results?

Mya’s fame reached new levels after BuzzFeed published an article about her and her fox-like looks. Now, we’re officially obsessed with Mya and don’t know if we’ll ever recover from our deep dive into her Instagram account.

There are pics of Mya lounging:

There are pics of Mya as a precious puppy.

There are pics of Mya posing:

And cuddling:

And being the gorgeous, adorable, pup that she is:

Mya, we love you. You’ve filled our Monday with beauty and light. Keep being your adorable self.

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