This dog jumped off a boat to play with a wild seal, because dogs are gonna dog

Whether they intend to or not, dogs are constantly teaching us important life lessons. For instance, they know that you should definitely play as hard you work, which is probably why this dog jumped off a boat to greet a seal. Also, this impromptu meeting between interspecies BFFs demonstrates how dogs inherently understand the importance of making friends. Sure, you face a little bit of anxiety when making new friends but if you’re going to improve your social life, you have to work hard to overcome whatever is holding you back.

However, this dog that leaped into the water to play with a seal didn’t have to work hard at all.

He just went for it and dove head first into the water because the odds of making a new pal were too good to pass up. In the footage filmed in January near Perth, Australia, this enthusiastic doggie took the plunge into a new friendship while on a boating excursion with its humans. Once the dog noticed a wild seal swimming in the ocean, it decided to join in on a good time.

By the looks of things, these animals became fast friends because generally speaking, dogs are super sweet, and that’s just how they roll (and swim).

No word on how long this ocean play session lasted or if the playful seal hitched a ride on the boat and spent the rest of the day chillin’ with its new canine pal, but we’re so happy we got to witness this unlikely animal friendship in the making.