Summer situations: Maddie the puppy fills up a kiddie pool

Enough with the heat already!

The dog days of summer are starting to get to us. And from the looks of a video posted by YouTube user Charlie Ogard over the weekend, we’re not the only ones looking for a little summertime relief.

Charlie’s six-month-old Labrador Retriever puppy, Maddie, is hot and totally ready for a swim in her kiddie pool. Because even though she’s only six months old, Maddie already knows that nothing beats the heat more than a pool party. Even a pool party for one. And Maddie legit makes it look like a party when she tries to fill the pool with water all by herself.

We have to say, we admire Maddie’s persistence. She’s not about to let a pesky lack of opposable thumbs stop her from getting what she wants. You go, girl.

She would have totally filled the pool like a pro if she’d simply stood still the second she got in the pool with the hose. But it seems that poor Maddie has the patience of . . . well . . . a six-month old puppy. Instead of just hanging out and holding the hose while the pool fills up, she spins in circles, she drops the hose. She picks it up. She throws in a few head tosses just for kicks. She basically does anything and everything but stand still. By the time the video is over (spoiler alert!), there’s maybe half an inch of water in the pool.

But hey, that’s enough to get your paws wet.

Why do we have the feeling that somehow, somewhere, Maddie is still trying to fill that pool?

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[Images and video via YouTube]