Just a video of a dog howl-singing along with a recording of itself

If you’re one of the people who love hearing the sound of your own voice, then you will totally relate to Kibo the Shiba howl-singing along with five recordings of his own howling. Zoology has its own explanation for why dogs howl, and while we’re not privy to the everyday behavior of this particular pooch, it seems that he is really feelin’ his vocal skills and wants the world to know how amazing he is at singing.

After listening to these heart-wrenching high notes, we think it’s time for this doggie to hook up with the opera-singing Golden Retriever and make some magic happen in the studio. The world is long overdue for a dog duo to hit the airwaves, so without further ado, we present solid proof that dogs absolutely love to sing.

Kibo’s human, YouTuber Jon Sun, has crafted a piano-backed single for his dog (a follow-up to Kibo singing with the violin), which he creatively titled “Kibo Singception” as a nod to the multi-layered subconscious-hopping theme of the film Inception.


We have no doubt that plenty of dogs would deliver barks of approval after listening to this masterpiece, but if Kibo’s gonna crack the top 10 on the music charts, he has some stiff competition.

This husky has exceptional vocal talent.


Best doggie version of “Happy Birthday” on the internet.


Um, this dog sings Whitney Houston.


*drops mic*

Like most everything they do, dogs love howling in packs, so Kibo’s human should probably look into getting him a couple of equally talented background singers to increase his odds of success.