We are coveting this perfectly dog-sized staircase

In the weird world of architectural novelties, few seem as immediately important as the doggy staircase. Yes, you read that right. A separate staircase for your dog. And thanks to designers 07BEACH, we don’t need to dream about what such a masterpiece would look like. Oh no, they went right ahead and built one for a house in Vietnam.

So what makes a doggy staircase so much better than regular staircase? Let us list the reasons. First, it’s smaller and therefore much cuter than your average staircase. Second, this smaller staircase is at a much more gradual incline, making it easier for small and old dogs to get up or down. Third, no more worrying about the dog getting up under your feet while you’re climbing the human staircase. Because look, we love our dogs and cats, but why do they always have to be right where we want to step?

Not sold on a dog staircase? Check out these photos and see what you think. If you’ll excuse us, we gotta go take some measurements for tiny stairs.

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(Images by Hiroyuki Oki, courtesy of 07BEACH)