This dog is everyone who’s ever not wanted to shower

We’ve all been there: those days when the last thing you want to do is drag yourself to the bathroom and take a shower. While the struggle can be all too real, most of the time when we’ve mustered up the strength to finally hop in and lather up, we realize that we shouldn’t have resisted: showers (and baths, too) can do wonders and make us feel worlds better.

Of course, you can tell this to a person; it’s much more difficult to get a dog to see the (sudsy, clean) light. This is evidenced by a video shared by Mashable of Harvey, a pup who is clearly resistant to this whole bathing thing.

Harvey crouches low to the floor while his person struggles valiantly to get him to the bathroom. “Let’s go take a bath! C’mon!” she says in a chipper voice as she literally pulls Harvey—who is a solidly medium-sized dog—along the floor. He tries a couple times to make a break for it, but she intercepts him; clearly, the pair has been through this struggle before.

The video cuts before Harvey’s human actually gets him into the bathroom, leaving us with so many unanswered questions: Does she have to physically lift him into the tub? Does he struggle in the water, or sit there, resigned to his fate? Once he’s actually in the bath, does Harvey calm down and realize that it is, in fact, pretty great? We may never have these answers, but we wish Harvey, and his human, fewer struggles when it comes to bath time.

(Image via YouTube)