The 21 most clever dog Halloween costumes from New York’s Halloween Dog Parade

When it comes to the most adorable Halloween costume-wearers, babies and children have nothing on canines!

Halloween dog parades have even become popular in recent years, giving dog owners a chance to show off their creativity and their all-too cute costumed pups. From Donald Trump to Pennywise, here are the most clever dog Halloween costumes from this year’s annual Halloween Dog Parade in New York.

1Fifty Shades of adorable. 

2He’s the “woof” of Wall Street.

3Elvis isn’t dead. He’s just been busy chasing squirrels in the backyard.

4She’s a Pomeranian dressed up as pommes frites, get it?

5If the President were a dog, he might look like this.

6Is this a tiny medieval horse or a dog? We can’t tell!

7This Yankees fan looks blue that his team lost.

8This might be the cutest BFF couples costume for dogs.

9Oui, oui.

10This is the only occasion when a cracked iPhone screen wasn’t cause for alarm.

11As if the “It” villain wasn’t creepy already, Pennywise now has a tail.

12Superheroes come in all sizes.

13Great Scott! It’s Marty from Back to the Future.

14Take a tour with “Pawline Sightseeing.”

15The most adorable pineapple you ever did see.

16We don’t remember Election 2017 being this adorable.

17Zorro strikes again.

18It’s Harry Potter and Fluffy!

19Dog kisses are the sweetest and slobberiest kind.

20Is this a Halloween dog parade or a lobster boil?

21This cutie has the world on his shoulders (or, at the very least, a toy farm).