This dog stylist is taking grooming to a whole new level

Heads up, you guys. That nail art we all love so much? It’s not just for humans for anymore.

Thanks to Jess Rona, a NEXT LEVEL dog stylist based in Los Angeles, your furry friend can now rock nail art. Whether Fido wants polka dots, glitter, heart-shaped rhinestones, bows, crystals or full-on Jackson Pollock-esque splatter paint nails, Jess is your girl.

And we have to admit, we’re a little jelly. Because as pedicures (paw-dicures?) go, these dogs are bringing their A-game.

But wait, it gets better.

Jess is an artist. She can completely transform a dog’s appearance, either with her amazingly precise cutting techniques or by more elaborate means, such her ultra-creative use of dyes. Of course she would never dye a dog without the owner’s permission, and all the dyes she uses are completely safe and non-toxic. (Yay!) Safety comes first. As Jess told Pommy Mommy, she doesn’t recommend that people try to dye their own dogs. She’s been a dog groomer for 14 years, so she has lots of experience with handling dogs to ensure they’re safe and happy.

She even created the neon sunset effect on Diamond below with just a conditioner with pigments in it!

What did Diamond think of her sunny look? According to Jess, Diamond (a super well-behaved pooch) enjoys getting the occasional rainbow-do because when she applies the color, “I’m basically massaging and petting her.” And what dog doesn’t love to be petted? We did say Jess has precise cutting skills, right? Because check out what she can do with a pair of scissors:

Jess got an early start in the dog grooming business when she was only 19 and spotted a job opening for a dog bather while shopping at PetSmart. She got the job, but soon began learning about grooming and moved on to jobs at doggy salons in New York City and LA. Now she runs her own posh pet parlor out of her garage, which has been converted into a spa-like haven where dogs can get blueberry facials. (Because of course they can.) They can also get the latest look in fashionable hair trends.

Like ombre . . .

And dip-dyeing. Because even dogs want to stay on trend, from head . . .

. . . to tail.

Ever heard of booty bling? No? It’s totally a thing. (A sparkly, blingy, amazing thing.) The rhinestones are applied with a water-based craft glue, which is totally safe, won’t irritate the dog’s skin and comes off with a warm, wet towel. And did we mention it’s adorbs? Because yes, adorbs.

Jess posts lots of her clients on her Instagram account. But before heading over there, be warned! Rumor has it you can spend hours there just watching the slow-mo videos of dogs getting blow-dried that Jess sets to music. So I’ve heard. Not that I watched 11 such videos myself just now or anything.

We’re in awe of Jess’s creativity! Take a look at more of her incredible work (and adorable dogs!) below:

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[All images via Instagram @JessRonaGrooming]

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