This dog got a yearbook picture for the most heartwarming reason

Who can recall their yearbook photo without cringing? If you cannot, we totally feel your pain. But here’s a school snapshot that will make you smile uncontrollably: One high school student’s dog received its very own yearbook picture, and the story behind this doggie photo opp is incredibly heartwarming.

Per the Daily Dot, the golden retriever named Soldier is the subject of the best yearbook photo idea ever and also the service dog that assists Timber Creek High School freshman Kathryn Campbell. The Fort Worth, Texas student had her photo displayed next to Soldier’s pic, thanks to the thoughtfulness of the yearbook staff who felt it was only natural to include him on the pages.

The school’s publication Timber Creek Talon shared the image on its Facebook page, along with a link to an article written in the school newspaper Timber Creek Talon by its editor Samantha Sandusky. The piece explains how Soldier assists Campbell on a daily basis by helping to ease her anxiety, making her comfortable in unfamiliar places and remaining by her side when she experiences seizures.

Due to his diligence and constant presence, including Campbell’s service dog in the yearbook was a given. So when the students Timber Creek decide to take a visual trip down memory lane, they’ll have a pretty sweet story to tell about why a golden retriever was considered a member of their class.

"Wherever Kathryn goes, Soldier goes also. He attends PE class, pep rallies, and even received a homecoming mum, this year. So it was only natural that when the class lined up for pictures, Soldier got a turn, as well," Timber Creek yearbook adviser Kathy Beers told the Daily Dot. "He’s as much a part of our school as any soul who enters our doors."