Must watch: After this dog gave birth, she gently delivered all her puppies to her foster mom

You know how the world sometimes feels like it’s ending? Yeah, because SAME. Fear not, though — because good things exist and love is real, ya’ll! How is this possible? Puppies. One YouTube user, Stevoni Doyle, posted an incredible two-minute video of her foster dog, Grayce, hand-delivering her newborn baby puppies to her foster mom.

According to Stevoni, whose video now has 171, 399 views (the past 399 were ours because it’s that cute), the mama dog rolled up about three weeks ago, ready to have her puppies. “She found me,” Stevoni says in her YouTube caption. “I’d say by this video she feels somewhat safe. I sure love her.”

In the video, the mama dog picks up her tiny pups by the mouth and delivers them right into Stevoni’s lap, which is incredible. Three weeks is a relatively short period of time for animals to trust humans — especially with little newborns, but this foster puppy clearly saw how much Stevoni cared for her and decided to trust her human with her little ones. It is a really beautiful and fascinating display of human-animal interaction.

According to The Nest, this situation isn’t the MOST common: “For the first three weeks after her puppies are born, the mother dog will pay undivided attention to her litter. She will probably pay less attention to you than is normal, and may snarl at — or even attack — a person who interferes with her puppies.”

It just goes to show that animals and humans are similar in many ways — especially in their need for love, comfort, and safety.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen an unusual foster puppy scenario — whether a person adopted an animal (or, in this case — when an animal adopted their human!). Remember the guy who adopted a puppy…that turned out to be a WOLF? There was that. And there was the time a poor little puppy was adopted…by another dog. The more we talk about it, the more and more positive the world seems.

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