This dog’s facial deformity will remind you that different is beautiful

Just like people, dogs come in all shapes and sizes. And this yellow labrador will remind you that differences are absolutely beautiful. His name is Beaux Tox (get it?), and he has a facial deformity due to the fact that his mom had too many pups in her womb during pregnancy.

According to, Beaux Tox’s breeder sadly didn’t think he’d be sellable but ultimately sold him to someone in Austin, Texas — who left Beaux Tox outside for years, apparently because he didn’t get along with their cats. However, things thankfully turned around for the adorable doggo when he was taken in by a local rescue group. While at first the rescuers feared Beaux Tox wouldn’t be able to find a forever home, a woman named Jamie recognized him for the good boy he is and took him in.

Now? He’s loving life. And oh yeah — has officially become an Instagram celebrity.

His newfound happiness is apparent in every single one of his photos. He’s the absolute perfect choice to represent both animal advocacy and adoption. One of “his” first good deeds post-adoption was to set up a GoFundMe to help support other animals in need.

"He loves to use his influence to help transform the lives of needy and hurting animals everywhere," his spokesperson and buddy Traci Fraiser said told

We have a feeling that Beaux Tox is going to inspire a lot of people (and dogs!) out there. Animal adoption is a wonderful option if you’re looking to get a new pet. And remember: Adorable, loving animals come in all shapes and sizes!

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