This dog FaceTimed with his family and totally could not deal with his feelings about it

In the near future, we’re going to insist that dogs start carrying ID and having jobs because they’re *so* much more capable than we give them credit for. Trust us, canines totally get it, like this adorable dog that FaceTimed with his family.

So, there’s this mistaken notion that dogs don’t understand FaceTime, but we’d like to present the photos of this dog’s remote interaction with his family as evidence that not only do dogs love chatting with their humans using the latest and greatest technology, they’re extremely pumped about it. Sure, dogs may treat you like a stranger on FaceTime in the beginning, but when they recognize you (and they will), they will completely lose their shit.

According to The Dodo, Twitter user Edison Fontanilla and his family left their dog Kygo at home while they went on vacation. When Fontanilla checked in with his sister via FaceTime, she let Kygo view his family on the phone, and he simply could not deal.

LOL. Since we all know that dogs tilt their heads to let us know that they’re listening and empathizing with us, we’re assuming that Kygo is really missing his family! Or the head-tilting could’ve just been his attempt to figure out where their voices were coming from, which he obviously understood, hence the resulting doggie meltdown.

Either way, it’s an utterly adorable gesture, and we can’t get enough of seeing it. If you’ve left your doggie at home, go ahead and hit ’em up with a quick FaceTime chat. They may not have the words to express how much they miss you, but Kyogo’s eager reaction is proof that they’ll really appreciate it.