And now, a dog perfectly keeping a Flo Rida beat with her ears

Happy Wednesday! For those celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday you’re probably heading into a little bit of family/eating/food coma pandemonium. Do you need a pick me up? An emotional laugh boost? Some inspiration? A one-minute break from life? How about a dog that can keep the beat far better than most adult humans I know? Dogs are just the best, and this dog sits high towards the top of the awesome list.

This German Shepherd — Jaxson — can keep the beat to Flo Rida’s “Low” like a pro. What’s that you say, a dog that can keep the beat with his ears? Just watch! Know how sometimes the DJ at a club syncs up strobe lights to match the beat of a song? Well this is kind of like that except the DJ is a radio, and the club is a car, and the strobe lights are dog ears.

Apparently Jaxson seems to be getting a little ear wagging help from her owner but we honestly don’t care. It still fills us with smiles. I would love to know what other songs Jaxson knows, and does Jaxson take requests? The vid gets better and better with every re-watch. Rock on, Jaxson.

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