This Twitter matches you with your dog doppelganger, because yes

Yes, it’s super exciting and crazy when people on two different ends of the globe find their doppelganger. But what’s even MORE exciting and crazy is when someone discovers their dog doggelganger, because priorities. Finding your dog-double is way more awesome, and one Twitter is making that challenge super easy.

Thanks to YouAreDogNow, all you need to do is pick the most fetching (see what I did there) photo of yourself and Tweet it at them. They do the rest. Using probably very scientific scales and measurements and stock photos, they comb the Internet for you till they’ve found your perfect match. And it’s not like that Parks and Rec episode where Donna and April decide to do dog spirit animals. No, these dogs will actually be your doppleganger, right down to the hair and glasses, and any facial features.

As you can probably guess, YouAreDogNow has suddenly received an influx of those requesting their doggie doppleganger (my own picture has still gone un-matched, sad face). But go ahead, pick your best, Tweet it out, and hope that somewhere out there, there’s a dog that embodies your appearance. Or at least the same tongue-hanging-out look.

(Image via Twitter)