This dog’s comfiest cuddle place is inside the fridge

Meet Luna! It’s a good thing the refrigerator in Luna’s house isn’t overflowing with Thanksgiving leftovers because the fridge is Luna’s happy place. Not her “happy place” as in it’s the home of cheese, butter, whipped cream and other forms of deliciousness (like more cheese). We’re talking a literal happy place where she likes to hang out.

Um, what?

For real, guys. Luna likes to climb on in and curl up in a ball on one of the shelves. Move over, carton of eggs. Step off, big bag of carrots. Make room for this super adorable pup. We have to admit that we’re kind of wondering how this got started. We’re guessing Luna just straight-up loves the cold. From the looks of things, she’s a Siberian husky. Emphasis on Siberia. The average annual temperature there is 23 degrees. So there you go. Mystery solved.

Set your eyeballs on Luna in the video below. But maybe put on a sweater first. Because brrrr.

[Image and video via YouTube.]