This sweet dog crashed a cross-country skiing race because the excitement was too much to handle

A canine’s love and support are unconditional, even if the timing isn’t always perfect. That said, this sweet dog that interrupted a skiing race clearly had the best intentions. As The Huffington Post reports, the participants in Sunday’s cross-country skiing world cup in Quebec City were temporarily upstaged by an adorably enthusiastic pooch that came bounding out onto the course.

As proven time and time again, dogs are generally so happy to see their humans walk through the door at home, but apparently that excitement also extends to watching a group of athletes make their way down the slopes to the finish line.

NBC Olympics shared footage of the race-crashing dog on Twitter, and it will definitely activate those warm, fuzzy feels. In the clip, you see the dog running alongside the competitors while giving us one hell of a scare by coming way too close to all of those swiftly moving ski blades.

Whew! That was an extremely close call, but we feel ya, doggie. It’s safe to say there’s not a human or animal alive that hasn’t gotten a tad bit carried away with excitement while cheering on their faves.

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Unlike the dedicated stray dog ran a 150-mile race, this four-legged fellow didn’t actually make it to the finish line, but this incredible photo op sure makes up for it.

“It happens in cycling races, but I’ve never seen it in skiing,” second-place competitor Alex Harvey told the Montreal Gazette. “It just makes the story even better because luckily no one crashed or got hurt.”