This dog can’t play fetch to save her life, but she’s super cute, so who cares

Without getting to know every single dog personally, we still make a ton of general assumptions about them, like automatically thinking that all dogs love to play, bury bones, and chase their tails. Ya know, basic dog shit. But after seeing this dog that can’t play fetch to save her life, we’re officially done thinking we know all there is to know about our fave furry friends.

So, yeah…Zelda the dog’s fetch fails are a total mess, but she’s super cute so who cares, right? The Daily Mail cited a recent study that claims playing fetch could damage dogs’ legs, but erm, it’s not Zelda’s legs we’re concerned about.

Watch this clip that her owner Al Baker shared on Twitter and you’ll see that the problem lies more with her severe lack of snout-to-tennis ball coordination.

Um, and that goes for sticks too.

Oof. That was so painfully awkward to watch. But we’re glad Zelda appears to be enjoying herself in spite of her aversion to actually catching things in her mouth and returning them (thereby, eliminating the entire point of fetch in one fell swoop).


Maybe she just enjoys the chase? Her owner has already confirmed that she’s not blind, so…

Oh well, we honestly have no idea what’s going on here, but since dogs can read your face, we would kindly advise Baker to nix the disappointing head shake and work on his poker face. Zelda’s obviously a sweet girl and we’re pretty sure he doesn’t want to hurt her feelings.

Practice makes perfect, Zelda! We hope you keep trying until you get it, and if you never do, that’s okay too.