This dog brought her human a napkin when she started crying, and we cannot handle it

There are so many reasons why having a pet is the greatest thing in the world: You can look forward to coming home to a smiling face, you know there is someone at home who is excited to spend time with you, and you have a great companion. But one thing that still surprises us is how, sometimes, our pets know exactly how to comfort us. And you’re never too cute to comfort your crying human, as demonstrated by this loving dog.

As reported by Buzzfeed, Lovelace the Maltese is the ultimate considerate pup. Her owner, Mayrelyn Phan, was watching the Netflix show The OA when she felt herself starting to tear up.

But before she could even reach over for a tissue, Lovelace went and fetched her a nearby napkin.

How cute is that?

Apparently, this isn’t the first time that Lovelace has come to the rescue. Whenever Mayrelyn was sad or upset, Lovelace would rush to her side and try to comfort her. The cuteness of the heartwarming act is universal, with Phan getting thousands of retweets on social media after posting about the incident.

Dogs are definitely the unsung heroes of our lives.