This pup’s reaction to his brother is something all siblings can relate to

You know when you’re living your life, just enjoying a gorgeous day, when out of nowhere your sibling steals your spotlight? Yep, side eye is the only appropriate response. Well the same applies to dog siblings.

Meet Max and Walter, two Boston terrier brothers who have a healthy Internet following and a deep rivalry. As their Instagram profile says, “Walter hates Max.” As is clear from their social media pages, Max LOVES Walter.

Their humans keep a great account of their antics online and there’s one recent photo series that sums up our love for them so fully.

So here we have it, Walter just enjoying his life when his little bro Max comes flying into the shot. Hi guys!

Max’s reaction is something those of us with siblings all know too well, whether we have a sibling who acts like Max (or we are the sibling who acts like Max). Even if we are the only child, many of us have friends just like Max. We can appreciate Max’s desire to barge in on the picture with his silly antics, and we can appreciate Walter’s look of pure annoyance.

The best part is that, even though Walter looks at the camera that way, we know he stills loves his brother, as much we love our crazy siblings and friends.

Second best thing? This isn’t the only time this happened:

You can follow Max and Walter’s crazy adventures on their Instagram page.

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