This dog found an absolutely brilliant way to play fetch in the pool

A family vacationing in the Canary Islands was recently shocked when their dog, Rosie, demonstrated what can only be called an act of K-9 genius. Luckily, Youtube user Esther Cushway was filming Rosie staring forlornly at a tennis ball floating in the pool so the whole Internet can see what happened next. Check it out:

Rosie, like many other blondes, doesn’t want to get her hair wet for fear of the chlorine turning it green. But she, like, really wants that tennis ball.

Not one to admit defeat right away, she paces around, trying to remember if they covered water rescue in puppy school.

She even tries using her words.

When that doesn’t work, she hops into a nearby kiddie pool and turns it into a personal boat! Rosie the Rafter over here.

Rosie not only saves the drowning tennis ball, she maneuvers the DIY dingy back to the pool’s edge, barely making a splash. Never let go, Rosie. Never let go!

OH MY DOG. Clever and cute. She’s kind of the Magellan of our generation — calling it now.

For more adorableness, check out the full video here.

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