Here’s the dog breed you should adopt, based on your zodiac sign

If you’re on the lookout for a canine companion, you’re likely spending a majority of your time looking at pics of cute pups online. After all, there are so many beautiful canines out there looking for a forever home, so it makes sense that you’d do some research beforehand as you work to figure out which breed may be best for you. To put a fun twist on this, we decided to figure out which dog breeds would work well with each of the 12 zodiac signs. What we came up with will make you raise your hands (or paws) in the air.



When people first meet you, they may assume that you’re aloof and emotionally unavailable—but that’s only because you’re in your head most of the time. With this in mind, you’re going to need a dog who’s just as thoughtful as you are, but one who can also bring out your fun, affectionate side (because we all know you’re a humanitarian at heart). That’s why a Border collie—a hardworking yet loving dog—would be your ideal furry friend.



Because of your gentle, artistic soul, you’re often prone to bouts of sadness (as it’s easy for you to take on the weight of the world). When looking for a dog, you should seek out a breed that’s friendly and known for their companionship abilities, so they can remind you that there’s always good out in the world. We’re talking about beagles here, the type of dogs who can match your compassionate energy while being able to pick you up when you’re down.



Let’s be real: You need a pup who’s as courageous and adventurous as you are. And exactly what dog breed represents those qualities? The answer: German Shepherds. These brave creatures are full of life and ready to take on any challenge that’s placed before them—just like you! Since you’re constantly looking for new adventures to tackle, you’re going to want a German Shepherd by your side, especially since their confidence will likely match yours.



It’s safe to say that you’re not exactly good with change. Instead, you prefer stability and you only invite reliable people (like yourself) into your inner circle. So, why would your dog be any different? As you begin to search for a furry friend, you’re likely thinking of these qualities: friendly, loyal, and easy to maintain (because you’re not a fan of complications). The one dog breed that just so happens to fit these traits: the Golden Retriever. Because you’re going to need a dog who’s as patient and dedicated as you are.



You sometimes feel as though you have several different personalities within you. Sometimes, you’re energetic and ready to party. Other times, you’re serious and have no desire to be around others. Plus, it’s often difficult for you to figure out exactly what you want because your indecisiveness is right there on the surface. The verdict: You’re going to need a dog who’s adaptable and good-natured, like an American Staffordshire Terrier (or Pitbull). Not only will this dog love you no matter what your personality is like—they’ll also keep you feeling safe when your nervous nature gets the best of you.



Your emotions often get the best of you and that’s perfectly okay because people love you for your sentimental disposition. Since you care deeply about those around you and always use your sympathy for good, you want a dog who’s going to do and feel the same. Essentially, you’re on the hunt for a family dog who’s as sweet as can be. What this means is that you’re on the hunt for a Newfoundland. Not only are these dogs famously friendly, they’re also incredibly patient and wonderful to be around—which is exactly what you need during those days when you’re feeling especially emotional.



When it comes time for you to be the center of attention, you don’t mind in the least. After all, you’re a great leader who’s known for your confidence and passion. Basically, you’re going to need a dog who’s as lively as you are, like a French Bulldog. This breed is as irresistible as you are, especially since they can be both playful and highly intelligent. When looking for a partner in crime who’s always ready to steal the show, you’re definitely going to want this type of dog by your side.



With your sensibility, you’re definitely going to do your research before you decide which dog breed to adopt. In fact, you’re likely going to look for a small dog who’s easygoing (and easy to care for). You specifically want a dog who’s not going to cost you a pretty penny, but one who’s going to be a great companion for you over the years. That’s why we can see you with a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. These affectionate, gentle pups won’t disrupt your household or your routine, since they can easily be transported and cared for.



Since you hate being alone and also have a tendency to be social, you’re going to want a dog who embraces the same life philosophy. Fortunately, a Field Spaniel won’t disappoint, especially considering that they love to please others with their fun-loving nature. Not only will a Field Spaniel help put your playful energy to use in the best way—they’ll also encourage you to get out and let your sweetness shine around others. Ultimately, you two will be the perfect team both inside and outside the home.



Though your passion and bravery are both admirable qualities, one particular trait of yours often stands out: your tendency to distrust others. And that’s perfectly okay—especially if you have a true furry friend by your side. You need a dog you can count on and a Dalmatian is one of them. While these pups are as dignified and resourceful as you are, they’re also super outgoing. So if you ever have a day when you’re feeling especially emotional, you can always count on your canine companion to pull you out of your funk.



You value freedom and never want to be tied down by anything and anyone. That’s why you’re going to need a dog you can travel with, one who’s ready to get up and go whenever you are. At the same time, this pup is going to have to be a good sport—especially when it comes to dealing with your idealistic tendencies. When you take all these characteristics into account, what you get is the Havanese breed. These dogs are outgoing enough to adventure with, but they’re also quirky enough to vibe with your sense of humor.



With your serious, disciplined nature, it would do you some good to have a bit of fun every once in awhile. In other words: A playful, happy pup would greatly help you when your pessimism gets the best of you. The breed that fits these qualifications is the Brittany. “Upbeat” would be the perfect word to describe such a dog, yet they’re also gentle enough to give you a boost on those days when it feels as though the world’s against you. Overall, this particular breed would act as a ray of sunshine on even your darkest days.

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