This giant pit bull and his tiny BFF chihuahua are so cute it hurts

In today’s edition of “the cutest animals on Instagram,” we bring to you two of the cutest BFFs you’ll lay eyes on all week (or you know, until we find the another adorable animal couple, probably tomorrow).

Hank and Harriet are two rescue pups from Los Angeles, California that simply cannot exist without the other and it’s so freaking adorable that it hurts! According to their Instagram page, “Harriet is floor averse, Hank is her personal lounge chair,” and honestly, that couldn’t be more true!

Is this little chihuahua not living the absolute dream? Snuggles and naps in the sun? JEALOUS.

LOL! Harriet, you're facing the wrong way!

These two are the ultimate nap partners! So cuddly and cute!

LOL wait, they even do yoga together!

Or maybe they're just weirdly adorable and like to hang out in that pose? Either way, they're SO CUTE.

Look at them fresh out of the bath! LOOK AT THEM.

These two are legit BFF goals.

BRB, gonna go cry at how cute these two floofs are.