This dog has a friend-crush on a baby elephant, and the results are adorable

If you’re feeling the midweek blues, we have just the cure for you.

Today is National Dog Day, and if there’s one thing more adorable than a sweet puppy, it’s a budding interspecies friendship. In this video, an energetic pup has a major friend-crush on Yindee the baby elephant. But will Yindee grow to love the dog back?

At first, Yindee seems a little skeptical. “Look, I’m just trying to eat my salad,” we can imagine him saying, as the dog runs circles around him. Soon, though, Yindee’s curiosity gets the better of him, and he begins swinging his trunk playfully and chasing the dog through the field.

Will this be the start of true friend love? We’re totally rooting for it!

(Image via video.)

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