Because life is crazy, Tuna the dog is recreating Anna Kendrick’s Instagrams

Anna Kendrick, our fantasy bestie, has a birthday coming up! On Sunday, she turns 30 (all the heart emojis!), and, in celebration, Mashable has given her a rather…um…interesting birthday gift. (And by interesting, we actually mean awesome. Crazy awesome.)

They’ve recreated Anna’s best Instagram photos — but with a dog playing the part of Anna Kendrick. Not just any dog. Anna’s stand-in is none other than Internet doggy star, Tuna, known for his dashing good looks and hella cute underbite.

I know. At first glance, it seems like an odd birthday tribute. But Tuna is a major celeb in his own right. After being abandoned and left on the side of a road in San Diego, the Chiweenie (Chihuahua + weenie dog/Dachshund) was adopted by devoted pet parent Courtney Dasher. Like any proud doggy parent, Courtney began sharing photos of Tuna online and soon his unique adorableness made hearts explode worldwide. He’s got 1.5 million followers on Instagram. That’s a crazy amount of followers, you guys. So obviously (obviously) this IG-savvy dog was the perfect choice to reenact Anna Kendrick’s best Instagram photos. Honestly, it’s like two planets colliding into one, big super planet of awesomeness. Still doubtful? Take a look…

Yeah. Tuna is down with Anna’s vibe. Seriously, though. Only on the Internet could something like this exist.

If you’re wondering how much effort went into this birthday gift, the answer is A LOT. Take a peek at Tuna’s epic photo shoot below.

Yes, Anna Kendrick. That. Just. Happened. Happy birthday, girl!

(Images via Twitter.)

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