Dog and Pig are totally in love, moving in together

There’s a pig who is just so in love with her dog friend, she can’t help but give him so many kisses all day long — and it’s the best thing we’ve seen all day.

Tuna, a five-month-old rescue pot-bellied pig, and Jack, a three-year-old beagle/dachshund mix, are like a happily married couple, and they hate being separated. “Tuna has been with Jack since she was very young, so as you can imagine, she is very attached to him,” Whitney Hanson, the spokesperson for The Humane Society of North Texas, told Huffington Post. “Jack is a bit more independent than Tuna, but it is obvious that she’s his best friend.”

Oh but it gets better.  “[Jack] tries to keep an eye on her, and they talk back and forth in the kennels with each other. They are definitely very good friends,” Hanson told Forth Worth news station NBCDFW. She added that Tuna is “just so loving and she grooms Jack. She loves to give him baths and clean his back. And they sleep together. And she gets very upset when he’s not around, which is why it is so important we find them a home together.”

The pair were surrendered to an animal shelter in Fort Worth, Texas by their owner in late June. Since they were already living together and are so incredibly close, separating the pair wasn’t an option. “We frequently receive cats and dogs that are bonded, but this is by far the most unusual pair we have come across,” Hanson admitted. Because of the unusual circumstances, they had to figure out the best option to keep both animals safe and happy.

“At that time we decided the best option was to house them in our exotics area, which was empty at the time and features very large kennels designed to house tigers and bears,” Hanson told HuffPo. Wait, tigers and bears? “There are actually more tigers in captivity in Texas than there are free in the world. It’s been the subject of a lot of debate in our state over the past four years,” she added. The tigers and bears require more than just a friendly, loving home to live in — but for Tuna and Jack, that’s all they need.

As of yesterday, that home was found! The duo was placed in their new forever home — together! A loving family has adopted them and it seems like the entire family couldn’t be happier.

We are so thrilled this story has such a happy ending, and we wish Tuna, Jack and their new human family a lifetime of happiness, togetherness and endless kisses.

(Images via Human Society of North Texas Facebook Page)


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