This dog and cow can’t stop licking each other because animals love PDA, too

You haven’t seen true love until you’ve seen this dog and cow that can’t stop licking each other. Apparently these smitten creatures decided to test out the theory that says PDA is really good for you because they can’t keep their hands, er, tongues off one another.

Now, we here at HelloGiggles are typically all about these adorable interspecies love affairs, and we’re super relieved that this cow appears knows why it shouldn’t hug this dog, BUT STILL. All of this hot and heavy pettin’ has us feeling a little uncomfortable, kind of like when you find yourself watching a steamy movie scene just as your parents walk in and plop down beside you. #awkward

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Many thanks to Reddit user Animals Being Bros for sharing this video because we’ve learned SO much from this unintentional smooching tutorial. For one, we can now instantly recognize a canine-bovine French kiss based off technique alone (because this is obviously a skillset we should all possess). But most importantly, it brings to mind a certain cow that thinks it’s a dog, which officially confirms our suspicions that animals experience identity crises as often as humans.

Don’t quote us on that science, but how the hell else would you explain this?

So are they #relationshipgoals or nah?

Obviously, commenters had some feelings about this blatant display, including the obligatory hamburger jokes. But we’re more concerned with one Reddit user’s keen observation about the cow on the right looking like it’s in the middle of a classic third wheel situation.

To that cow, we say, your time will come so keep your head up. To the lusty dog and cow, you know the drill: Get a room.