This dog is afraid of carpet so hopefully that puts your day in perspective

Sometimes, facing your fears can really mean, well, not facing them. This smart pup knows that the best way to get over something that’s scary but not harmful is to just bite the bullet, close your eyes and jump, take a deep breath and take the plunge, and other sayings that mean “just do it!!!”

In this adorable video, the doggie needs to go outside, but will have to cross the Dreaded Expanse of Terrifying Carpet. He hesitates, clearly scared. His tail is wagging, either from a little nervousness or because his loving owner is present. He seems to have given up and disappears around the corner — only to reappear, BACKWARDS.

Okay, let’s talk about how genius this strategy is. This way, Mr. Dog keeps his eyes on the proverbial ball by not looking at the thing that scares him, but just keepin’ on movin. Then, before he knows it, he’s on the carpet and past the thing that scared him so much. He wags his tail even harder, and brushes out the door, past the scary scary carpet and into the freedom and the light.

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling pretty inspired. Move aside, Sheryl Sandburg; there’s a new motto in town and it’s “walk backwards.” Maybe all I need to do to get over my resistance to and fear of heights is back towards them. (Maybe not.)

Thank you, dog friend, for reminding us today that you can get through fears with some ingenious thinking, some encouragement from a friend, and remembering to just back, back, back it up.

Get on, little doggie!

(Images via here and here.)

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