This dog was abandoned by his family when they moved and he waited on the curb for them for a month

And now for an afternoon cry: An abandoned dog waited on a curb for a month for the return of the Detroit family who moved out of their home and left him behind. Boo, an adopted dog, proved that the animals’ loyalty knows no bounds by continuing to sleep outside on a mattress near the home, where he lay surrounded by his family’s discarded belongings.

According to The Dodo, Boo’s neighbors fed him but he wouldn’t move until Mike Diesel of the Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue gradually formed a relationship with the dog by feeding him and taking his forlorn four-legged friend on walks.

Eventually, Boo trusted his new human pal enough to wear a collar.

“Then he let me pick him up,” Diesel said. “I got him into the vehicle and we went straight to the vet.”

This is why dogs are the absolute best friends ever. They hang around and wait for you, no matter how long it takes and if you show ’em a little attention and love, then they’re your BFFs for life. Clearly, Diesel is an angel on earth and we’re so lucky to live among compassionate people who make it their life mission to rescue abandoned animals.

Luckily, Boo was treated for heartworms and is now waiting on a loving person to give him a permanent home.