Does having sex affect your period (other than pregnancy)?

Some of us have had our periods for decades, but are still mystified about what’s going on down there and why. In the HelloGiggles series “Period Talk,” we ask gynecologists our biggest questions about all things period-related and finally get the answers to what is really going on . . . because everyone should be up-to-date on that time of the month! Our next question is all about sex and how it can (or can’t) affect your period.

Does having sex affect your period (other than pregnancy)?

Sex is fun. Unplanned pregnancy, not so much. Many of us know that nervous feeling when we realize our period is a few days late — and the huge relief when we finally get nature’s signal that we’re not pregnant.


That has us wondering: other than pregnancy, are there other ways sex can change our periods? Can a rough session tangling up the sheets — or perhaps a *particularly* good orgasm — spur on a period or keep it at bay?

The answer the no. Plenty of different things can affect your period — weight, age, sleeping patterns, travel, and exercise, to name a few — but sex isn’t one of them, board-certified gynecologist Dr. Felice Gersh of Integrative Medical Group of Irvine in California told us.

Something else that affects your period? “Stress, as a secondary factor, may cause a change in your cycle,” Dr. Gersh said. So if you’re stressed out and sexually active (because we’ve *all* experienced that at one point), it’s possible your period could be affected. That’s why it’s always important use protection if you’re not planning on getting pregnant!


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