Does Jon Hamm watch ‘Mad Men’? He answered, and we totally get it

Ever wonder what’s going on with some of your favorite characters from old TV series? Sure, they’re fictional, and some of them would make really shitty people IRL, but it’s still hard to let go. That is, unless you’re Jon Hamm, who never watches Mad Men, unfortunately because some miserable jerks on the internet are dead set on ruining anything good.

Recently, Hamm discussed Draper’s post Mad Men life, and admittedly went through a lot to ensure the last Mad Man scene was perfect for us. And as much as it hurts to hear him give the fantasy ad world the cold shoulder, his explanation for why he avoids old episodes is completely understandable.

"It's always weird. Because inevitably, you're gonna think something looks terrible. Or is terrible," the Emmy-winning actor told Us Weekly. "And unfortunately, it's the internet that points those things out."

UGH! Thanks for nothing, internet.

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“Very often, someone online will tell you that it was [terrible], usually behind an anonymous screen name,” he added. “I try to stay off the internet as it pertains to me.”

Also, there’s the fact Hamm’s been busy with various other projects in the two years since the show ended. While we’re still hung up on the idea of a Peggy Olson and Joan Harris Mad Men spinoff, Hamm is making appearances in several places at one time as a hologram (aka Holohamm), which was created to promote his upcoming sci-fi film Marjorie Prime.

Oh, well. Hamm’s clearly over Mad Men, which basically obliterates any fantasy we had about bingeing the AMC series with him and the rest of the cast, but we totally get why he’d rather leave Don Draper and his advertising colleagues in the past.