Does an Understanding of Technology Begin at Conception?

While the world patiently awaits the arrival of the royal baby, Jay-Z killed some time by rapping non-stop for 6 hours all in the name of “art.” Add to that the wildly entertaining ‘Blurred Lines’/’Cosby Show’ mashup and it’s been quite the week in pop culture.

Who’s ready for some more? That’s right, kids. It’s time for another “The Week In WHAT?!

eBay? More like eBaby!

Kids these days are incredibly tech savvy. As if there needed to be another argument against baby’s first iPhone as a birthday gift for the tiny loved one in your life, this one’s a doozy. While playing on her daddy’s smartphone, 14-month-old Sorella Stoute pushed a few buttons on the eBay app and purchased a car. At first her parents freaked out, but they ultimately decided to keep the 1962 Austin Healey Sprite. After all, it only set them back $225 and comes with a story to tell.  For little Sorella, the impulse buy could mean chores and prorated allowance for years to come unless she hits up North West for a loan.

Will Gamers in China Get Their Geek on at Home?

Meanwhile, gamers young and old in China may be getting trigger happy over the announcement that their homeland is considering overturning a 13-year ban on console gaming. That’s right: the country that manufactures many technological devices doesn’t sell at-home video game consoles to residents. The move would allow big corporations such as Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo to access previously untapped opportunities within the Chinese economy, particularly in Shanghai’s new free trade zone. The ban was originally implemented in 2000 to protect youth from “unhealthy” influences, not including communism.

Gimme All Your Money! – And a Job Application

While the American economy is reportedly getting better and allegedly fewer people are “unemployed,” there are still plenty actively looking for work. When it comes to interviewing for a job, it’s good to make a strong impression. We’re just guessing, but robbing your potential employer is probably not the best way to go. A Floridian man, who was more than likely looking to rob a local gas station, hatched a plan to distract the on-duty attendant by applying for a job. As the clerk walked away to process the paperwork, the man reached over the counter to steal some money. Unfortunately for him, he gave his real identification information on the forms. Attention to detail was not his strongest suit, so he probably didn’t get the job either.

Scientists Making Heads and Tails of the Galaxy

Hey, solar system. Your tail is showing! Researchers at NASA recently discovered that our little sector of the Milky Way has some junk in the trunk. Known as a “heliotail,” scientists had long suspected its existence but now have confirmation. Cue the angsty journey of self-discovery! If our little universe looks like a comet, could it actually be a comet? And if so, does that mean we’re a constantly moving comet in an even bigger galaxy? A universe within a universe within a universe? #UniverseInception

And there you have this week in “WHAT?!” Can’t wait to see what’s in store for humanity next!

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