Dogs who totally should have been models

This post was written by Lindsey Robertson on The Dodo.

1. “This is me looking demure and innocent.”

(Reddit: bambamjorge)

2. “Are you sure you’re getting my best angle?”

(Reddit: potsandpanz)

3. “You can’t buy bone structure like this.”

(Reddit: bendimendo)

4. “Go ahead. Bask in my majestic glow.”

(Reddit: TrollFlamewar)

5. “This is my look of casual surprise, with a dash of mischief and a twist of elegance.”

(Reddit: Teetsmagee)

6. “I am the essence of glamour.”

(Reddit: wbdane86)

7. “Am I pretty? It’s OK if you think I’m pretty.”

(Reddit: AskAbi)

8. “I could totally do shampoo ads.”

(Reddit: yodamango)

9. “Hello, ladies.”

(Reddit: drteq)

10. “Oh, whoops — did my smile just melt your heart?”

(Reddit: lolligaggins)

11. “Why, yes, I AM charming and interesting to be around. How could you tell?”

(Reddit: NameAboutStuff)

12. “Don’t worry if you’re not as good-looking as me — most people aren’t.”

(Reddit: AlmightyMegatron)

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