OH NO: Doctors have told “The Big Bang Theory’s” Mayim Bialik she can’t speak for a month

We don’t like to hear news of anyone in distress — but don’t worry, everything’s going to be okay. The Big Bang Theory’s Mayim Bialik has sprained vocal chords, which you can get from overusing your voice or from an infection, and she explained via Twitter that she can’t speak for a month. Doctor’s orders.

If you’re thinking that it might be really hard to be silent for four straight weeks, she’s been making it work by maintaining her Twitter account and communicating through Instagram stories via her 11-year-old son Miles. Yeah, that’s super adorable! We’re feeling for her though, especially after seeing this post of her at the doctor where she looks pretty miserable.

Apparently the recovery period will not affect the show’s production schedule,since shooting doesn’t begin again until August.

So it appears that Bialik has time to bounce back before she returns as our favorite neurobiologist, Amy Farrah Fowler.

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Take all the time you need, girl.

And during her recovery, Bialik is still vlogging like she always has. Using an interpreter, she posted this emotional video about her vocal chord strain and some events in her life which have brought her to her current situation.

As always, we’re grateful for someone who is so open and honest, even in times of stress. It’s not easy to share personal health and family details, like the fact that her father also suffered with his vocal chords, and we’re sending so much love and support to Bialik.

Can’t wait to hear your voice again soon, Mayim.