We’ve got some new ‘Doctor Who’ spoilers (and episode 2 trailers!) for you

Did you catch the brand new Doctor Who episode this past weekend? The 9th season is already off to a great start, and the Doctor is wasting no time getting things rolling — and that includes spoilers for the upcoming season. So if you haven’t yet watched “The Magician’s Apprentice,” and don’t want to know what’s already ahead in the second episode, “The Witches Familiar,” turn away right now.

Or, if you still haven’t seen it, and want to watch it right now, BBC has the whole episode up on their YouTube page.

These first two episodes actually serve as a 2-parter, and that’s a good thing. The final moments of “The Magician’s Apprentice” show Missy AND Clara exterminated by the Daleks as the Doctor watches on. Oh, and then the Daleks destroy the TARDIS, too. Kinda heavy stuff for the season premiere, leaving the Doctor all alone. But it appears as if he’s going to travel back in time to find the the Daleks’ leader, Davros (returning for the first time since Season 4), to the same moment we saw at the beginning of the episode, and instead of helping him live, letting him die. It’s all to save Clara (and I guess Missy) in the future, of course.

This can’t be Jenna Coleman’s big exit from the show, even though we know it’s coming. Mostly because other previews for the season have showed her out and about with the Doctor, and we haven’t seen those things yet — and previews never lie. So with the big ol’ “TO BE CONTINUED” that we’re given at the end of the episode, the Doctor’s just got to go back and save his companion in the future. Even though that means killing Davros, who taunts the Doctor with his greatest “indulgence”— compassion.

For next week’s episode, there are not one but two trailers already out. Both are suspiciously Clara-less (BUT HE’S GOT TO SAVE HER), and show the Doctor still being taunted by Davros and hunted by Daleks.

To hold us over for the whole season, BBC has also released the titles of all 12 episodes! One, what do you think they all mean? Can anyone figure out which episode Clara makes her exit in? And finally, what’s the Christmas episode called? That’s the only one missing from this list.

The second part of the season opener, “The Witches Familiar” airs this Saturday the 26th. And depending on where you live in the world, it’ll be on at a different time so double check that and CLEAR YOU SCHEDULE.

(Images via BBC)


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