We have some ‘Doctor Who’ news that may be hard to hear

This time, the rumors about Jenna Coleman leaving Doctor Who are true, and it’s REALLY HAPPENING. So take a few minutes to let it all out, have a good cry, because soon Clara is going to go away, and the Doctor’s going to need to find a new companion. Again.

This is not the first time rumors of Coleman’s Tardis departure have swirled, but it is the first time they’ve turned out to be 100% real. After the Season 8 finale of Doctor Who last Winter (which was technically the Christmas episode), there were hundreds upon thousands of rumors that Coleman was making her exit from the long-running series. But at the time, we were reassured that she would be back in action with the Doctor. So while she’s still going to be around for Season 9 — that’s not changing!! — after that, she’ll be gone.

Talking to BBC Radio early Friday morning, Coleman confirmed the news herself, stating, “I have left the TARDIS — it’s happened.” Her departure will take place “at some point this season.”

According to Coleman, this isn’t a sudden departure for her, but rather one she’s been working on with Doctor Who showrunner/basically Time Lord himself, Steven Moffat. Her and Moffat sat down over a year ago to work out Clara’s final story, so this is not something sudden.

“There are not a lot of jobs where you get to have an alien as your best mate and get to run away from monsters… it’s been so much fun, I love it,” she told the BBC1 Radio, “It’s such a unique beast. It’s been really special.”

Coleman has already taken to Twitter to express her love for the show, and for the Doctor.

It still just hurts a lot. Clara has been SO GREAT as a kick-butt companion, but at least her departure hasn’t happened yet. We’ve still got a whole season of Doctor Who to get through before we have to say goodbye to her for good. So start stockpiling tissues, everyone. While we might not know how Clara is going to leave, we do know it is going to make is cry A LOT.

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