‘Doctor Who’ has officially been Lego-fied

Doctor Who fans still have a few months to go before the next season premieres this fall, and given the notoriously locked-down Who set, we don’t even have many upcoming episode details to hold us over. But Comic-Con has come through in a totally unexpected way—with a sneak peek at a new game featuring Dr. Who as a Lego.

If you’ve ever wondered what Peter Capaldi (who play the 12th regeneration of The Doctor) would look like as an animated child’s toy, you are in luck. The upcoming E3 game, Lego Dimensions, will feature The Doctor, along with his iconic TARDIS. Crossover heroism will ensue when Batman and Gandalf join forces with the Doc to defeat enemies in the Land of Oz. Oh, and  The Daleks and Cybermen both make an appearance in the trailer!

The game is voiced by Who stars such as Capaldi and Jenna Coleman, who plays the remarkably snippy Doctor’s current companion Clara.

But wait — there’s more! In the game, when The Doctor dies, he pulls a very cool move. He’ll regenerate as the very first Doctor, and cycle through his dozen regenerations. That’s right — Tom Baker, David Tennant, and even John Hurt’s War Doctor have been Lego-fied.

The game is being on released September 27th, possibly just in time for the next season. Until then, we have this trailer to hold us over! Enjoy, Whovians!

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