Jodie Whittaker’s new “Doctor Who” look involves the best accessory yet — yellow suspenders

Somebody start up the TARDIS: the new Doctor is ready to get traveling. Ahead of its highly-anticipated Doctor Who Christmas special next month, the BBC is finally giving us a preview of its first female doctor — and she’s decked out in all her Whovian glory. And can we just say that she looks as quirky and fabulous as we had hoped she would.

The network tweeted an image of Jodie Whittaker, the sci-fi show’s newest Doc, in costume with the caption, “New series. New Doctor. New look!”

Each Doctor in the series’ more than 50-year history has brought his own sense of style to the role and Whittaker is proving she’s no exception. Instead of the smoking jackets or bow ties of the past, the new look has the Doctor rocking a rainbow-stipe tee, teal gauchos, butt-kicking boots, a sensible overcoat, and — last but certainly not least — a pair of sweet yellow suspenders. It’s practical yet playful, which seems fitting.

Of course, since we’re dealing with the first female Doctor here, there were bound to be some haters. Several social media users pointed out the new costume’s resemblance to Robin Williams’ rainbow-centric Mork vibe in Mork & Mindy, while others defaulted to sexualizing Whittaker in a way we’re sure old-school Doctors never had to put up with.

But on the bright side, Whittaker will be taking over the TARDIS control panel from former Time Lord Peter Capaldi — whose Doctor Who style was a bit more buttoned up — when she first appears in the role in December. Capaldi has been vocal in his support of his timey-wimey successor, saying over the summer that the former Broadchurch actress will bring “great individuality and charm” to the character.

Judging by her new threads, we’ll second that.