Yay! “Doctor Who” is going to start streaming on Amazon Prime

Along with cold weather and dark days, February brought us some other bad news: Doctor Who left Netflix. The streaming service no longer offers the amazing adventures of the world’s most innovative, time-traveling doctor, but according to Decider, he won’t be gone for long. Starting in March, Amazon Prime will be streaming the much beloved British series, filling the Tardis-sized hole in our hearts.

Doctor Who has been on thin ice with Netflix for some time. It was almost axed last year before die-hard Whovians rose up in protest, keeping it online for 2015. However, 2016 said, “Allons-y!” to the show, for a while keeping us in limbo about where and when we could have our next binge-watching session.

This announcement also follows speculation that the BBC was thinking of launching their own streaming service, presumably in addition to BBC iPlayer, which is only available to viewers across the pond.

With Amazon Prime costing us an additional $99 per year, Netflix users have to decide if it’s worth it. Something tells me the answer is 100% yes.

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