Watch Stephen Strange and Thor bro out together filming the tag for “Doctor Strange”

Doctor Strange is coming out on Blu-ray so that means we can finally watch his mid-credits scene with Thor on replay. But first, the fun people over at Marvel released a behind-the-scenes look at Stephen Strange and Thor just hanging out like a couple of besties.

Thor doesn’t appear in Doctor Strange but does make a quick appearance in one of the two tags at the end of the film. Marvel films are known for these tags which usually hint at what’s to come in one of the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe films. Check out this quick video of Benedict Cumberbatch and Chris Hemsworth being adorable and hilarious while filming their short scene.

In the behind-the-scenes clip, we get to see Benedict and Chris joking around while dressed as casual Thor and Doctor Strange. It’s pretty adorable that these two superstars can pal around in between takes! Especially since neither get a chance to laugh much in their respective films.


In case you haven’t seen the full scene, Stephen Strange and Thor sit down to discuss Thor’s pesky brother Loki — who seems to keep escaping after stirring up trouble. Anyway, the big takeaway from the scene is that Doctor Strange agrees to help Thor and Loki look for their father in their next Thor film — Thor:Ragnarok! More Stephen Strange!

Plus, in the scene we see that Thor has a beer mug that automatically refills. Is that something we can purchase somewhere or is it a Doctor Strange exclusive? Asking for a friend.


Grab your very own copy of Doctor Strange beginning February 14th. You can see Thor and Doctor Strange together again when Thor:Ragnarok hits theaters November 3rd!