We might have just learned a HUGE spoiler for “Doctor Strange” and we’re freaking out

From Benedict Cumberbatch wearing a cape like no one else to the star of the upcoming Doctor Strange visiting a comic book shop in the titular character’s costume, we’ve been following this new Marvel film closely. While we’ve seen trailers and posters, and the movie opens in a few short months, we still don’t know one big thing: who the film’s villain?

But Dan Harmon may have given us a HUGE clue.

Community creator Dam Harmon recently joined Doctor Strange to pen some new scenes for last minute reshoots, and he miiiiight have let some important info about the film slip. Many thought that Mads Mikkelsen would be playing popular villain Dormammu (who is a master of dark arts, can teleport, and is also IMMORTAL), but then Marvel Studios confirmed that he is playing Kaecilius, a character who basically switches sides to become the primary antagonist of the film.


However, according to ComicBook.com, Dormammu may not be out of the picture. During Harmon’s podcast Harmontown, he pulled up a list of files he’d recently visited on his laptop, allowing eagle-eyed Reddit user Bifrost51 to notice a document titled “Strange confronts Dormammu.”

Say whaaaaaaat.


Obviously, that seems like a pretty big indicator that Dormammu will be a part of the Doctor Strange film… except that upon closer inspection, other files on Harmon’s computer seem to be planted there to mess with Marvel fans.

For example, some of Harmon’s files had titles like, “Community Movie HT Script,” “Kaecilius_01_seducation,” and “Magical Mystery Tour,” meaning that there’s a good chance that Harmon was using the short clip on his podcast as an opportunity to good-naturedly mess with Marvel fans.

This is backed up by the fact that a villain like Dormammu probably wouldn’t be addressed in reshoots; he’s a baddie worthy of more planning. Unless of course the immortal, god-like being full of dark magic was in the script to begin with, and Harmon is simply polishing preexisting scenes.


Whether Dormammu simply isn’t in Doctor Strange, or whether Marvel Studios is keeping the character’s presence under wraps so that his reveal in the film is more impressive remains to be seen. We have a feeling we won’t know for sure until the film is released on November 4th. Luckily, that’s only a couple months away!